It is a software tool that makes your automation infrastructure more traceable for everyone in the company, thanks to its simple interface that allows you to view your automation scenarios and perform your test runs, as well as report them on a single platform. With QA Master, your automation structure will be more visible and traceable for everyone in your company, as well as allowing especially your manual test resources to be included in the automation process and to create test plans and report the results by performing test automation runs.


Thanks to the access feature according to the user type, traceability is ensured for everyone, while at the same time, problems that may occur in the project can be prevented with limited authorization.

Automation projects and specific details such as the total number of test scenarios, project creation and deadlines can be followed on a single dashboard.

It can create more than one test suite connected to a project.

Thanks to its scheduling feature, it can perform the harnesses in the desired period while creating the test suites or afterwards.

You can instantly monitor the harnesses from the test suite screen and repeat the previous runs with a single click.

Thanks to the mail configuration, each suite can determine its special mail sending preferences.

It offers the ability to work with multiple and various source control management tools.

Test runs can be easily analyzed thanks to summary charts and detailed reporting.