What is Ddosphere?

DDoSphere is a DDoS attack tool that simplifies the DDoS attack creation and execution process. With its user-friendly interface and customization options, users can easily define and execute their desired attacks with volume variations.

Ddosphere offers to unleash your system’s power are:

•   Speed Unleashed: Execute rapid, cloud-based DDoS tests effortlessly.

•   Simplicity Redefined: User-friendly interface for quick and easy operation.

•   Global Accessibility: Launch distributed attacks from any location worldwide.

•   Team Collaboration: Foster collaboration with robust team-building capabilities.  Efficiently manage roles within your organization, including Observer role management.

•   Scheduled Testing: Plan and automate DDoS testing according to your schedule.

•   Attack Reporting: Receive comprehensive reports on DDoS attack simulations.

•   Dashboard by Assets: Customize and monitor attacks based on assets.

•   Attack Creation: Tailor DDoS attacks to suit your specific requirements.

•   Geolocations: Test your defenses against DDoS attacks originating from different regions.

Important Features

•   DRR Score: Evaluate your system's resilience with our proprietary DRR Score.

•   Comparison Tool: Analyze and compare different DDoS attack scenarios.

•   Live Screen Monitoring: Watch the DDoS attacks unfold in real-time.

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