Explicit Consent Statement
Updated Time 11.06.2024 06:55


With the clarification text published by VIRGOSOL INFORMATION AND SOFTWARE INC., acting as the data controller, the identity of the data controller, categories of personal data to be processed, purposes of personal data processing, recipient groups for data transfer, collection methods and legal reasons, as well as my rights have been explained in detail and in an understandable manner, and I have read the said informative text. In this context, you can reach more detailed information by contacting us or through "virgosol.com". Along with all the issues mentioned in the clarification text; I give my consent, being fully aware of all the meanings and consequences of this statement, conscious of its possible future consequences, with my free will, for the processing of my "name, surname, phone number, city/country, e-mail address, workplace name/address" information, limited to the purposes of sending me offers, consumer preference analysis and product-service promotion, information, and similar marketing activities, and being contacted and sent e-mails for these purposes.