Who We Are

About Virgosol

Virgosol Information and Software Solutions Inc. is a leading company in its sector, providing world-class services in software quality control and assurance, while also developing value-added products through research and development activities with its young and dynamic team.

Virgosol, headquartered in Istanbul, also has R&D offices within Yıldız Technical University and Namık Kemal University.

With its expert young team, Virgosol leads in next-gen practices and also provides services in many areas such as Software Test Automation, Performance and Load Testing, Manual Functional Testing, Web, API, and Mobile Testing, as well as customized test consultancy services that aim to create added value for its customers.

Virgosol's solution family, called the "testing universe," is built around the needs of its customers. It makes its customers' lives easier by assisting them in controlling costs, reducing operations, and focusing on their core business areas, while creating value beyond expectations in its projects. Virgosol ensures that all digital products operate smoothly and to the expectations of its customers.

Our success as Virgosol is based on our strong and interconnected values.

We see renewing ourselves with a continuous improvement approach, being open to innovations, and constantly learning as our guiding principle as a team and as an organization.

With our customer-centered approach, we focus on accurately understanding our customers' needs, prioritizing their requests and satisfaction, establishing trust through our honest and open communication principle, and exceeding expectations with our talented young and professional team.

Our Purpose

To provide more customized solutions than expected in the software industry so that our customers can achieve their performance goals and objectives.

Our Manifests


We believe that every new product on the market should be tested.

We know the importance of the product for the brand's reputation, and we share the concerns of our customers.

We keep testing, regardless of the number, until we are sure of its quality.

We work together like your teammates and manage a process focused on effective results and satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be a reliable company known for its innovative approaches that create a difference in the digital world, providing services globally, and preferred by the users and the operating business.

Our Mission

To design industry-leading solutions by following international standards and technological developments. To provide sustainable services with happy employees by investing in continuous development and intellectual capital. To prioritize customer needs and create the most efficient business models.

Our Values

The universe has no center, but the center of our testing universe is our customers.

We love to discover new opportunities through constant innovation.

Honesty is the assurance of our universe, it is transparent #nofilter.

We are known as an energetic team but after a coffee a day...

We set off with more than expectations, but our belts are tied!

Our Business Partners