Managed Service Model

The managed service model saves our customers time to focus on their core business while we carry out software quality studies. Thanks to our continuous R&D studies and developments with our central team, we make suggestions and studies that will enable our customers to continuously improve their software quality processes. This model is suitable for our customers who want to keep the appropriate software quality processes up to date and sustainable, but do not have an existing QA team or do not want to establish a team.


It provides cost savings by reducing waste and operating software quality processes in international testing standards with our expert staff in the field of software testing.

It provides consistency and faster time to market by utilizing the tools and libraries developed by our R&D team.

In order to reduce human dependence and effort, all your possible systems can be moved to the automation infrastructure.

You can easily perform the analysis you want with customized dashboards and reports.

Our service manager stays in constant contact with you, keeping you informed of the progress of the work so our clients can focus on their core business areas.