Manuel Testing

With our competent test engineers, we identify the errors and system failures in your solution and provide you with a roadmap to reach a problem-free solution.


As applications and systems become more complex, it is more and more difficult to obtain software that works on operating systems. To effectively operate this truly functional system requires resources with high quality assurance, technology and relevant safety knowledge and experience. We aim to test your solution both on your permanence requirements and on your end-user expectations with the manual tests you carry out on your solution with the testers in this center area. While performing manual testing, it detects errors, system failures in your solution and provides you with a roadmap to reach a processor-driven solution.


Needs Analysis

At the first stage, the current status of the product/solution to be tested is defined, the project requirements are examined, the business purpose, objectives and customer expectations are determined.

Preparation of Test Plan and Strategy

In the light of the collected and analyzed information, the time and resources required for the project are determined. Test strategy and test plan are prepared.

Scenario Production

Test scenarios are prepared to meet all the requirements within the scope of the test.

Test Run

The test run is performed and the caught errors are recorded along with the steps to avoid repeating the error and screenshots.

Reporting Errors

Errors found during testing are reported.


After the found errors are corrected, the test run is performed. Error reporting and running of tests continue until the system is cleared of errors.