Outsourcing Model

We have a pool of resources with expertise in various QA services (functional testing, api testing, test automation, performance testing and others) and many industries (e-commerce, insurance, energy, tourism, software etc.). With flexible planning, we can position these resources to work at your location or remotely. With the outsourcing model, it is possible to reach a source that can produce high quality output in a short time in cases where there is a need for a project or work-based source temporarily and there is time pressure.


You can add or remove human resources from your team at any time, so you can quickly adapt to changes.

You will have a resource pool where you can find the most suitable resources and skills for your project.

Since we attach importance to intellectual capital, we try to constantly increase the technical knowledge of our team with trainings and keep them up to date.

We offer a cost advantage as it eliminates the need to have a test team in-house.

It saves time and effort spent in the recruitment process, and you start working quickly, especially in projects with time pressure.

Thanks to an outside eye looking at your testing processes, you will reduce the error rate to zero.