Regression Testing

Tests conducted to retest areas of software that have not been changed or fixed to determine whether a change made in one part of the code adversely affects the behavior of other parts of the code.


Since the regression test also controls the basic functions of all areas in the applications, it creates a strong infrastructure for automation studies. Considering the needs of our customers, we create your regression test suites for each test level. In addition, with our experienced test engineers, we can carry out the harnesses of your existing regression suites on a periodic or long-term basis.


Time Saving

While creating your regression suites, we continue our work by taking into account your current and prospective testing activities, thus preventing extra effort.

Minimizing Risk

Its main purpose is to detect unwanted side effects.

Engagement Models

Project Based Model

We implement our customers' projects, which are in different realization stages and have variable and complex requirements, with our expert test staff and our approach in accordance with international testing standards.

Managed Service Model

In the managed service model, we undertake the end-to-end responsibility of our customers' software quality processes, and we perform test strategy and test plan preparation, running tests, error management, reporting and optimization studies that will make the software life cycle smooth.

Outsourcing Model

With our outsourcing model, you can add the QA resources you need to your team and expand your team's technical capabilities.