Mobile Testing

With the mobile test automation service, we improve your product quality by identifying product risks and contributing to their solution, without reducing your software development speed.


With the mobile test automation service, we improve your product quality by identifying product risks and contributing to their solution, without reducing your software development speed.



Analyzing the existing system with international test standards and methods.


Designing the mobile test automation structure with open source tools, taking into account the needs of the institution.

Preparation of Test Scenarios

Preparation of test scenarios with international test standards and methods.

Determination of Test Types

Determination of test scenarios with test types in international standards such as functionality, performance, error path, negative scenario, development of scripts and development of institution-specific utility methods in test scenarios.


Performing the pre-training to check the run-readiness status, publishing and analyzing the run-result reports every day.


Sending descriptive error logs to the developers, supported by visual materials on the errors found.

Regression Test

Determining scenarios, performing regression tests after important errors and corrections and at the end of sprints, making regression tests continuously runable with developed scripts.


Making re-tests after bug fixes, making suggestions to increase the code quality considering the software methodology and quality expectations applied in the institution, providing maintenance, operation and support services over the selected option in case the suggestions are approved.


Uninterrupted Quality Assurance

With the mobile test automation service, the frequency of tests to improve the performance of your applications is increased. By integrating your test cases with CI / CD processes, we ensure that they are run every day through Jenkins. Thus, we make testing continuous throughout your software lifecycle and increase the accuracy of your product.

Compatibility Advantage

We ensure that your applications are tested for compatibility with real devices of different brands and models. In this context, we increase the quality of your web and mobile applications by providing the opportunity to test your applications in a wide range of real mobile devices and in a wide variety of environments. With the service to be offered, it is possible to run automated tests on real devices and emulators. Thus, we measure and increase the compatibility of your application to different devices and environments.

Cost Advantage

With the mobile test automation to be offered, code errors will be detected in the early stages of the development process, and cost advantages will be provided by preventing unnecessary efforts by fixing application problems earlier. Once the test automation process is in place, products are released faster thanks to the time saved in the test lifecycle. Thus, we contribute to the easy management and reduction of the operational costs of the institution.

Faster Feedback and Improvement

With mobile test automation to be introduced, we optimize the feedback loop for any new feature, ensuring you catch bugs early in the app development workflow. We also reduce the time it takes to deploy a new feature in your tested application, ensuring fewer bugs with quick detections.

Engagement Models

Project Based Model

We implement our customers' projects, which are in different realization stages and have variable and complex requirements, with our expert test staff and our approach in accordance with international testing standards.

Managed Service Model

In the managed service model, we undertake the end-to-end responsibility of our customers' software quality processes, and we perform test strategy and test plan preparation, running tests, error management, reporting and optimization studies that will make the software life cycle smooth.

Outsourcing Model

With our outsourcing model, you can add the QA resources you need to your team and expand your team's technical capabilities.