Performance Testing Service

These are tests performed to measure system behavior under peak use. We aim to determine the optimization points required for the application by creating an extraordinarily high demand for your systems and capturing potential behavioral differences.

With our LoadGO product, developed by Virgosol engineers for this purpose, we measure system responsiveness under extraordinary load and determine the bottlenecks, whether it be systems that contain a single module or systems that have many components such as servers, clients and data warehouses. With this service, we inform you after making evaluations in three main areas.

  • Load test: Measurement of the average response times of the application at a load that it can handle.
  • Stress test: Aims to find the most fragile points of the product by applying maximum load or more load that the application can handle.
  • Scalability test: Analyzes whether the prospective needs of the application have been met with multiple users and large-scale data sets, and determines the required measures.