Code Analysis and Test Coverage Measurement

We aim to prevent potential errors before they occur by detecting risky code areas that are not possible to detect with traditional testing methods.

With these analyzes, we ensure that the test model you operate in your organization is up-to-date. We perform code analyzes in two basic ways; static and dynamic.

  • We perform the detection of the errors and vulnerabilities in static code analysis, source code metrics, architectural analysis, compliance with coding standards and reverse engineering studies with various measurement tools. We report the measurement results with metrics in the areas of code coverage rate, technical borrowing, complexity and sustainability. By integrating measurements into the continuous integration structure, we ensure the continuity of the benefits obtained from static code analysis.
  • In dynamic code analysis, we produce customized solutions for different technologies. We determine which parts the manual and automatic tests pass in the code. With the relevant report, we measure the effectiveness of your software testing and quality strategy and show areas for improvement.