About Us

Virgosol Information and Software Solutions was founded in 2019 with the goal of producing lower-cost, value-adding and difference-making solutions by analyzing the needs and expectations of its customers in the fields of technology, software, information and automation.

Designing the quality assurance solutions required by companies that use software products or provide software products/services to their customers in accordance with international standards and customer needs, Virgosol Information and Software Solutions provides services in the fields of Software Quality Assurance, while also providing outsourcing services.

Our Vision
Being a reliable company that offers services on a global scale, known for its difference-making approach in the software industry, designs customized solutions, and popular among employees and customers.

Our Mission
Designing industry-leading solutions while following international standards and technological developments. Providing sustainable services with happy employees by investing in continuous development and intellectual capital. Creating the most efficient business model by prioritizing customer needs.

The Values That Make Us Who We Are


Beyond integrating what is available, we offer you tailor-made, permanent and sustainable solutions.


We carry out extensive research to meet your needs and provide you with the highest benefit-cost ratio.


We want each and every one of our solutions to have a distinctive element that will carry our customers forward.


We emphasize communication, relations and continuous learning. We know that producing with pleasure leads to satisfied customers.

Quality Certificates

ISO 14001

ISO 9001

ISO 45001