Is Your Software Ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the most crucial days for businesses, especially those engaged in online sales. It's a time when customers are expected to join the shopping frenzy, lured by enticing discounts. However, with all the increased traffic, customer demands, and workload, you must ensure that your business is prepared.

Common Problems Faced:

- High Traffic and Server Issues:

Increased traffic due to high demand can lead to server problems, causing long loading times, page errors, and even crashes.

- Payment Process Issues:

High demand can result in problems during payment transactions, leading to delays or errors and, subsequently, customer loss and a poor user experience.

- Security Concerns:

The surge in shopping activity increases the likelihood of cyber attacks. Malicious individuals may specifically target these busy periods to steal customer information.

- Mobile Compatibility Issues:

The growing trend of shopping via mobile devices can bring about mobile compatibility issues. Problems with app or mobile website performance can negatively impact customer satisfaction.

Four Crucial Test Types to Ensure Your Business is Ready:

Automation Testing:

  • During the Black Friday period, testing the entire functionality of your website and swiftly identifying errors is crucial.
  • Increased demand during Black Friday and similar peak periods can lead to unexpected errors on your website.
  • Performance evaluations through load and stress tests assess how websites and applications perform under heavy traffic.
  • Automation tests, utilizing automation tools, allow you to test all processes on your website from the homepage to the payment process. This enables the early detection of potential issues, allowing for quick resolution.

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Performance Testing:

  • Your website's performance should have the capacity to handle high traffic. Slow-loading pages or crashing servers can result in customer loss.
  • Performance tests assist in measuring how your website performs under intense demand.
  • Determining server capacities and, if necessary, implementing capacity increase solutions is a critical test type during busy periods like Black Friday.
  • Various test types, such as load tests, durability tests, and stress tests, can help you identify the limits of your website by using different testing approaches.

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Mobile Testing:

  • The use of mobile devices is increasing every day, and there is a high probability that your customers will conduct their Black Friday shopping via mobile devices.
  • Along with the increased traffic during Black Friday and similar busy periods, unexpected errors related to the usability and stability of your mobile application may occur.
  • It allows you to test the mobile compatibility, navigability, and speed of your website.
  • With Mobile Testing, you can test the performance and seamless functionality of your application on different mobile devices. Providing a smooth experience on mobile devices will enhance customer satisfaction.

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Web Service and API Testing:

  • If your business uses web services or APIs, you must ensure that these components function correctly during Black Friday and peak times.
  • General security features such as authorization, permission settings, and access controls are tested to verify compliance with predefined requirements.
  • End-to-end testing of APIs and web services across different devices, browsers, and operating systems aims to ensure their proper functioning, fulfillment of their functions, and smooth handling of expected loads.
  • Additionally, testing how your web services respond to high demands is of critical importance.

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When preparing for Black Friday, quality assurance and testing processes play a critical role in your business's success. Providing a seamless experience enhances customer satisfaction and prevents negative feedback and revenue loss. To ensure your business is ready for Black Friday, take quality assurance testing seriously and scrutinize every detail.

If your business needs assistance with automation testing, performance testing, mobile testing, or web service and API testing, a professional software testing and quality assurance company like ours can help. We've emphasized the importance of ensuring your business is built on a solid foundation when preparing for Black Friday. Our quality assurance tests can help you get your business ready for this special day.

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Author: Egemen Gür