TechOps Center

TechOps Center, a technology operation center with a great deal of technical knowledge and competent resources, provides quick solutions for resource needs with technology experience and knowledge.

With our TechOps Center services, we provide the human resources that will meet your operational needs in a remote, optionally scalable, periodical and quick manner. We combine the high workforce capacity of pool resources for remote service with the experience of special resources in the relevant field, and meet your needs with a cost advantage and an assisting service understanding.

Effective Resource Management

Management of dozens of resources by a team of experts working in shifts upon request, increasing production speed

Cost Advantage

Providing advantageous costs with shared resources or managed services, compared to on-site outsourcing

Quick Start of Service

Commissioning of your required resource with the appropriate technical equipment usually within 1-2 weeks

Custom Resource Scaling

Solution alternatives for the increases or decreases in your resource needs due to periodic, project-based reasons and/or other reasons specific to your organization.

Resources Trained in International Standards

Giving training at international standards to all resources and keeping their information up-to-date in order to keep the service quality continuous and stable.

State-of-the-Art Tools

The opportunity to benefit from management and reporting tools without making an additional investment regardless of the service or resource outsourcing models

TechOps Center Services


• Test, Plan and Scenario
• System and Integration Tests
• Functional Tests
• Performance and Load Tests
• Error Management, Compatibility Tests
• Regression Tests
• Reporting


• Identifying missing data
• Cleaning noisy and inconsistent data
• Correction of incorrect data
• Verification of the data class


• Labeling and classification for Artificial Intelligence Systems in different data types