Web Service & API Testing

In this service, it is aimed to ensure that APIs and web services, which have a unique structure and test needs, are tested end-to-end on different devices, browsers and operating systems, to work correctly, to function, to handle the expected load without any problems and to work safely.


Web services and APIs enable applications developed with their own data and working principles to work by communicating with each other. In this way, they have provided a shortcut for adding all kinds of functions to applications and have become integral and critical parts of digital infrastructures, saving both money and time.

We run the following test types in our Web Service and API test service:

  • Functional testing

It is the test to verify that the API and Web service are working in accordance with functional requirements.

  • Negative test

This is the type of test in which the API and Web service are checked when invalid/wrong data is entered by the users.

  • Regression test

It is the type of test in which the API and Web service are checked after adding new features and bug fixes.

  • Automation testing

Using the most up-to-date test tools, we design the test automation architecture including Web and API services, create automation scenarios and produce an automated test result output (report) at the end of each test. By constantly updating the test automation infrastructure, we establish an up-to-date and sustainable structure.

  • Security testing

General security features such as authorization, permission settings and access controls are tested whether they are working in accordance with predefined requirements.

  • Document test

It is tested whether it works in accordance with the needs and parameters specified in the requirement document.