Virgosol Huma enables test project and scenario management with very simple interfaces, and provides an experience where the status of all test projects can be observed at first glance with management-level reporting interfaces.

Quick and Easy Start

Learn Huma’s features and uses from the “Quick Start” video, transfer your scenarios and start working immediately with the easy interface.

Access from Anywhere

Easily access from anywhere with the web browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone without the need to download or install.

Monitoring and Reporting Quality Metrics

Get real-time access to test data in all releases and projects of your company with graphical and percentage displays and create reports.

Quick Action in Tests

With the scenario prioritization feature, you can quickly start running your critical scenarios by with a single filtering action.

Team and Person-Based Progress Tracking

Coordinate and manage the work of the entire team, either person-based or team-based, under one roof.

Increased Efficiency

Analyze data from past versions of your application and plan the right time and team for new releases.

Integration with Jira

Get control over versions and enhancements by integrating errors with the relevant jira log.

Role-Based Management

Assign roles with specific authority and create user groups for users in your company. This allows you to facilitate process management and prevent potential setbacks.

Instant Status Information with Simple Dashboard Structure

Instantly monitor your releases and the relevant projects from the main screen with color status.

Fast Tracking of Test Results

Monitor the test results on the project details screen and check who is assigned to which scenarios or what actions they have taken.

Management of Scenarios and Sets

Easily manage all your test sets and scenarios by storing them in one place.

Test Run Feature

Add prerequisites by detailing the test scenarios and prevent potential errors.